Superannuation & Retirement Planning​

With the right financial adviser, you can have the benefit of a professional to help guide you to where you want to go.

Make Your Super Work For You

Superannuation is a type of tax-effective investment that is specifically designed to help you meet your lifestyle and expenses in retirement. Most people understand that your employer is required to pay the Super Guarantee Contribution (SGC) and that as an individual, you have the ability to also make personal contributions at a reduced tax rate. However, the complexity of super and the vast array of investments available mean that it is a good idea to speak with a specialist to ensure you are maximising all of the available options in order to grow your super for retirement. 

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Retire How You Want To

Whether you are retired or planning to retire, having a professional adviser review your situation and manage your finances will not only alleviate stress but ensure you stay on track.   At Wealth Directions, we will ensure that you get the right advice at the right time enabling you to concentrate on enjoying your retirement. Our team of qualified financial advisers can provide a wealth of information regarding investment advice and work closely with clients throughout South East Queensland and beyond. Contact us today for a complimentary appointment with a qualified and experienced financial adviser. We can meet in person or arrange an online appointment.

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