Aged Pension & Social Security‚Äč

With the right financial adviser, you can have the benefit of a professional to help guide you to where you want to go.

Centrelink Made Easy

In retirement, many Australians rely on The Age Pension from Centrelink to help them meet their lifestyle and living expenses in retirement. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming for retirees. At Wealth Directions, we can assist you in applying for the Aged Pension, structuring your investments to maximise your Centrelink benefits and ensuring you receive all the relevant concession cards. Call our team of experienced professionals and book in a complimentary meeting to understand how we can assist you.

Making Your Investment Go Further

Providing enough income for your retirement can be a complex process. A key part of that is being able to maximise your entitlements such as the Aged Pension from Centrelink. When we provide personal advice to you, we will address a number of key areas including asset valuations, structure of your investments to ensure beneficial assessment treatment from Centrelink and the paying down of debts. We will also regularly update Centrelink on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit possible.

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